An Open Blockchain-based Serverless Platform


It is public in the sense that anyone can be either a developer, provider or both. Anyone with excess computational power can connect their computer to this platform. Developerscan then rent from this vast pool of compute at scale. A user may choose to be a provider and developer at the same time.


It is open and transparent to everyone. Anyone can observe the transactions on this platform. They can verify the billing information, and check the status and history of each job. Every single detail os stored and kept on the blockchain network.

Use of Personal Computers

It is based on the excess computing power available on personal computers. Regular computer users can rent out their unused computational power by connecting it to a large network of resources.


It is affordable for developers, especially compared to similar centralized (in terms of management) cloud solutions. Given that the functions run on personal computer and there is no server maintenace costs, this platform is cheaper that other serverless solutions.

Fog and Edge Computing

It embodies edge and fog computing by nature as ChainFaaS can get very close to the end-user. Since in ChainFaaS, functions run on personal computers, it can be a great platform for edge and fog computing. Developers who need to run IoT applications closer to end-users can use this platform instead of other computing services that run on servers.


It is user-friendly and easy to use. ChainFaaS is designed to be used by anyone. Although it is a sophisticated platform based on the state of the art technology, the users are not necessarily computer professionals. It is designed in such a way that anyone, including users with no background in computer science, can easily become a computing provider or blockchain peer.

To become a computing provider or developer in this platform, you first need to register as a new user. Go to the registration page to register.